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Michael Agron was born on April 30, 1964. Mike graduated from the
University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in 1986 and a
Master of Business Administration in 1989. While he earned his
sophomore year at the University of Florida he joined the Gilbane
Company as an intern. In 1993 Mike joined the Gilbane Company
full-time as a project manager. In 1996, Mike moved to the G.A.
Gilbane Company as a district manager and then to the G.A. Gilbane
Company as a senior vice president of the Florida. Currently,
Mike is the president of Gilbane Company. After graduating from
the University of Florida, Mike joined Gilbane Company in 1986.
After joining Gilbane Company, Mike worked on several
projects and special projects such as John F. Kennedy Stadium,
Jacksonville Riverwalk, Florida Museum of Science and
Technology, and AMFC. Mike also worked as a project manager on
the G.A. Gilbane Company building, the Museum of Science &
Technology, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Mike Agron is a father of four boys. Mike loves to read, golf, and
watch TV.

Awarded: USA Gold medal for USA Team Championships in
Athens, 1997

National records for: 400-yard IM; 200-meter IM; 1000-meter
all-comers; 200-meter synchro, Jr., Jr.

Individual records: 200-meter synchro, Sr., Sr.; 400-yard IM,
Jr., Jr.; 500-yard IM, Sr., Sr.; 1000-meter all-comers, Sr.,
Sr.; 800-meter all-comers, Sr., Sr.; 200-meter all-comers,
Sr.; 200-meter synchro, Sr., Sr.; 400-meter all-comers, Sr.;
200-meter all-comers, Sr., Sr.; 1000-meter all-comers, Jr.,
Jr.; 100-meter all-comers, Jr., Jr.; 100-meter free, Jr.;
100-meter butterfly, Jr.; 400-meter free, Sr., Sr.; 200-meter
backstroke, Jr., Jr.; 200-meter freestyle, Jr., Jr.

Agron is married to Roberta (Lee), and has four children: James,
Tyler, Jillian, and Harrison.Once a

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Download[1]: Agron. J. 2008, 102: 1548–1553. URL:. Published by the Crops, Litter, & Soil Sciences Society of.
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