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Delcam DentCAD 2014 DentMILL 2014 .rar

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NEW YORK — U.S. President-elect Donald Trump on Friday kept a temporary freeze on his daily mass media briefings, despite pressure to resume the sessions to help unify the country after weeks of unrelenting attacks on him by the mainstream media.

Trump’s transition team said a daily media briefing schedule “is under review.”

The briefings have been sporadic since their inception in July, with few of them before a live audience. While they were usually reserved for the President-elect, on Friday morning, he took questions from the press only in a larger meeting with the broader transition team.

Before that meeting began, the transition team released a statement saying that “the President-elect is still committed to providing regular briefings with the press to the extent they are practical and he continues to receive briefings on a regular basis, including on a regular basis from the intelligence community,” the statement said.

A few minutes later, the Trump transition office was forced to release another statement clarifying: “The President-elect has no new briefings today and will continue to provide all necessary updates through his team and surrogates as appropriate.”

Trump had until noon to give a press conference to respond to an onslaught of news stories about a leaked intelligence briefing that revealed that Russia had damaging information on Trump’s former rival Hillary Clinton.

The reports said that the briefing was conducted by CIA Director John Brennan, and was requested by then-FBI Director James Comey, which would have been Comey’s first meeting with Trump after the election.

Trump repeatedly denied that he was aware of the briefing at the time, and has been under increasing pressure to respond as the media, including CNN, has been critical of the lack of transparency.

Even Fox News, Trump’s main source of campaign coverage during the campaign, has been critical.

In the past, Trump has agreed to answer questions from the media in between meetings, on nights and weekends, and following the election.

The briefings have been given almost exclusively at Trump Tower in New York.

Reporters had waited in a Manhattan hotel lobby for more than two hours on Wednesday, watching the television coverage of the leaks of the intelligence reports.

Trump’s first press conference was

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