Edraw Viewer Component For Word Crack

It’s a lightweight ActiveX document viewer component for Microsoft Word documents.
It is an easy solution for hosting and viewing multiple Word documents as a form/Web page. It is suited for companies wishing to display read-only document data to their employees while restricting modifications to the underlying data. It is also suited for printing documents instead of viewing them with Microsoft Word.
EDraw Viewer Component for Word includes:
– special handling for Open/Save/SaveAs/SaveAs as Image procedure;
– pass authentication to the underlying MS Word document;
– pass authentication to the viewer document;
– automatic import of MS Word Password;
– use of over 35 special Office options;
– possibility to create both ‘Web browser’ and ‘ActiveX’ document viewer;
– works with MS Word 7,8,9 and Office 2007,2010


The eDraw Control from Spry provides a new way to interact with documents on the Web. The eDraw Control allows you to create your own custom document viewer applications for your web pages.

Originally Released on the Web in 1999, the eDraw Control from Spry has the capabilities to display all Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents that are hosted in a web server. The eDraw Control from Spry includes a new feature called Interactive Edit that allows you to add in new functionality and change the look and feel of a document in real time.

By adding a eDraw Control from Spry to a Web page, you can easily display and navigate a document even when the document is viewed in a different web browser. Users can view the document, view its content, highlight text, add annotations, insert their own images and export the document into a wide variety of formats.

Like any Spry product, the eDraw Control from Spry is fully supported by the Spry team. You can download the product from the Spry website at


What is Spry technology?Spry technology is the open-source content development platform created by Microsoft for use by developers creating browser-based content for the web.

Spry projects allow developers to integrate rich content on Web pages and deliver that content via the web in ways never previously possible. Because of its strengths in working with rich content and dynamic behavior, Spry has quickly become the backbone of Web content development.

Spry technology is supported by the Spry Project Site, which offers downloadable tools

Edraw Viewer Component For Word [Updated-2022]

* Allow creating and opening native Word documents with full editing
* Document annotation tools and graphics (such as pencil, circle) in
the documents
* Allow viewing/editing with many text types like Rich Text, Text File,…
* Possibility to display custom forms in Word document
* Word document can be uploaded to server
* Open Office and MS Word can be attached to the same document
* Edit source text by using your favorite word processor
* Rich text editing such as Bold, Italic,…
* Inserting graphics into the document
* Multiple lists and tag editing
* Allow updating/viewing document remotely without saving locally
* Possibility to attach the documents to other apps like
Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, Lotus, Notes, ICQ, and more
* Load/save as… from file system (like *.rtf, *.doc, *.txt, and so on)
* Possibility to view/edit files in any popular file format (such as *.pdf, *.odt, *.docm, *.xls, *.docx, *.ppt,…)
* View and edit many file formats (such as *.rtf, *.doc, *.txt, and so on)
* View/Edit password protected document
* Customize document view
* Open and print PDF, PDF/A, XPS, and more
* Possibility to view PDF, XPS and other documents in portrait or landscape
* Possibility to edit documents from remote server
* Possibility to attach images (jpg, gif, bmp, png, jpeg, tiff,…)
* Smart signature feature (incl. PDF)
* Many known versions (16, 32 bit)
* Small and easy to handle.

Edraw Viewer Component for Word containts a standard ActiveX control that acts as an ActiveX document container for hosting MS Word documents in a custom form or Web page. This component is both lightweight and flexible at the same time, as it provides developers with new opportunities when they want to employ Office in a customized manner.

Edraw Viewer Component for Word Description:

* Allow creating and opening native Word documents with full editing
* Document annotation tools and graphics (such as pencil, circle) in
the documents
* Allow viewing/editing with many text types like Rich Text, Text File,…
* Possibility to display custom forms in Word document
* Word document can

Edraw Viewer Component For Word

Edraw Viewer Component for Word is a Word ActiveX component which is lightweight, simple to use and reliable and comes in two variants:

Imports the full capacity of the MS Word application. This is the most powerful component.

Partially imports the capabilities of MS Word. This component is much less expensive and does not fully support all of the functionality of MS Word.

Features of Word Component

● Code Type: Standard ActiveX
● Simple to use
● Stays in your computer as long as you have Microsoft Office installed
● Fully supports all the functionalities of Word application
● Uninstall only if you wish
● Does not restrict any of the functionalities of Word
● Can be used as a standalone control
● Does not use Internet or require any specific Windows operating system
● Can import/export documents to/from the folder on the host computer
● Import/export documents via HTTP and FTP
● Includes file properties dialog
● Supports multiple file selection
● Supports file filters for quick searching
● Supports multiple pages per document in a form
● Can be used as a stand alone or encapsulate into another control

The edraw Viewer Component for Word provides new opportunities for developers to host and display multiple MS Word documents or Pdf files in a form or Web page. You can easily embed Word Document in your website or win application.

Edraw is very popular and free ActiveX component and its user guide provides lots of knowledge about its internal structure and operations. These user guide will let you understand some of the important things.


First, the syntax of edraw.ocx. This file is very easy to understand.

● edraw.ocx
● public
● ClassName
● ClassName_Create
● ClassName_Destroy
● ClassName_Show
● ClassName_Hide
● ClassName_Register

The edraw.ocx file is divided into two parts, the Head section and the Body section. The “ClassName_*” methods refer to a static member of ClassName. The “_Create”, “_Destroy”, “_Show” and “_Hide” methods refer to the static member of the ClassName, which requires variables “_dwSize” and “_hWndParent”. Before using these methods, you need to declare “_dw

What’s New in the?

Embedded object file viewer for displaying non-top-level documents in a custom form or Web page
Flexible component that can host multiple embedded documents at the same time
Easy to work with embedded document viewer ActiveX control
Extensive support for MS Word DOC and PDF documents
Can be easily integrated to modern integrated development environments like Visual C++, Visual Basic, C#, VB.NET, Acess, ASP.NET, Visual FoxPro, Delphi, PowerBuilder, etc.
Document viewer that can be used as a standalone application
Holds a database of documents
Supports file links and web links
Permanently stored on the client-side
Widely supported by different modern browsers
Optionally installs itself on the client-side
Compatible with Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, and Safari browsers.
Supports Native Document readers
Supports ePUB books
Supports password protected documents
Supports zip archives.
Supports renaming of files and folders.
Supports external editing of documents.
Supports viewing the source of documents.
Supports deleting files from the document viewer.
Supports formatting of documents.
Supports working with documents of various file formats like DOC, DOCX, PDF, HTML, JPG, JPEG, PPT, GIF, XLS, XLSX, TXT, RTF, RTF, INK, PNG, CSV, and EML.
Supports opening and closing of documents.
Supports printing of documents.
Supports multiple document opening.
Supports attaching documents to a document to open them in the embedded file viewer.
Supports embedded document editing.
Supports embedded document viewing.
Supports drag-and-drop of documents in and out of the embedded file viewer.
Supports drag-and-drop of documents in and out of the Word component.
Supports drag-and-drop of documents from the local hard drive or from the Internet.
Supports drag-and-drop of files between documents.
Supports drag-and-drop of documents from the file manager.
Supports dragging of documents from the Internet.
Supports receiving FTP/HTTP documents directly.
Supports temporary file creation and deletion.
Supports immediate document open with details.
Supports changing document size.
Supports full-screen document.
Supports line-by-line document.
Supports viewing the source code of documents.


System Requirements:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU
Memory: 3 GB RAM
Storage: 30 GB available space
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit) or later
In order to install Unigine, please make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements.
Minimum requirements:
OS: Windows 7 or later
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Storage: 20 GB available space
Please note: The minimum requirements listed above are the absolute minimal requirements in order to play Unigine at high settings


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