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Norton Internet Security Produc1t Key.rarVasilij Radovič

Vasilij Radovič (born 7 August 1968 in Koper, Slovenia) is a Slovenian politician and a former member of the Slovenian Parliament from the Modern Center Party (SMC).


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Sean de Barra (born 9 June 1985) is a Gaelic footballer from County Meath, Ireland. He played minor, junior, under-21 and senior level football with the Meath County GAA for Duleek Celtic.

He has also represented Meath in the National Football League.

After a spell on the League of Ireland contract at Sligo Rovers he is now at Galway and featured in the Dublin Senior Cup game against Whitehall Colmcille on Sunday 27 September 2012.

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Galway, Sligo Rovers set to sign De Barra

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Using XSLT to combine 2 xml files into one

I have two xml files I need to combine into one xml.
The files are:




I need to merge them such that it creates one xml file like this:

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