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Hai (Vidhan Sabha constituency) is one of the 60 assembly constituencies of Sikkim, a north east state of India. This constituency falls under Sikkim Lok Sabha constituency.

Member of Legislative Assembly

2009: Maikhil Lepcha, Sikkim Party of Democratic Teachers
2014: Sunil Malla, Sikkim Krantikari Morcha
2019: Soren Prajapati, Sikkim Krantikari Morcha

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Sikkim Lok Sabha constituency


Category:Assembly constituencies of Sikkim
Category:Penchang districtQ:

Conversion of Application from DELPHI to GDI

I’m converting a Delphi application to Visual Basic. I’m doing this for my degree work and not a commercial application. I’m using Visual Studio 2010 to convert the code, and in my experience, there is a very high amount of errors when doing this. There are many functions in the Delphi that I do not find a Visual Basic equivalent. I made use of the conversion wizard and all the errors were solved except for this one, which I do not know how to fix. The code is the following. I’ve tried searching for a solution using Google, but without success. I’ll appreciate any help from you all. Thank you.
class constructor Create;
class function FromStream (aMemoryStream: PStream; aIsSlidingWindow: Boolean = False): Boolean; virtual; abstract;
class destructor Destroy;
class function
CreateFromStream (aMemoryStream: PStream;


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Massage Therapy is one of the most popular services offered today by many professional service providers and health professionals. Many therapists offer massage therapy as a complimentary service to clients. If you have a private practice and wish to offer a complimentary massage service to your clientele, massage therapy may be an excellent service to supplement your practice.

Who is a qualified Massage Therapist?

Accreditation varies from state to state, but most massage therapists have a 2-4 year degree in massage therapy and have studied a minimum of 80 contact hours in the licensed practice of massage therapy.

Although many professions offer certification in massage, the only state-regulated profession to require 1 year of clinical practice before application for certification, licensure is massage therapy. Massage therapists need to complete this year of practice in order to apply for certification.

What does it involve?

Massage therapists complete an extensive exam in order to be able to treat clients under their scope of practice. The exam is subject to change from time to time by the state. The exam


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